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I am planting a dwarf box hedge in the next few days. Using 6 to 8 inch bareroot plants. I'm adding bone meal to the trench. I have a lot plastic bags filled with leaves bagged up three months ago. Already they appear to have rotted well. I was thinking of was thinking of adding some of these to the bottom of the trench. The planting area is a well drianed slightly sandy soil.Will this do any good or actually cause harm?




Leafmould is only really a soil conditioner, Adam. I'd be inclined to mix it in with compost and prepare the planting holes by diging them deeper and mixing it all together, including the bonemeal, rather than putting just leafmould in the trench. I'd be a little concerned that the leafmould might hold water like a sump, and rot the roots. That's only my opinion, please note!

I'd be surprised if the leafmould was rotted down enough after such a short time, too - mine takes a whole year if not longer.

8 Feb, 2011


I never use layers--they only seem to stop the drainage. Best to mix both bonemeal and rotted leaves into the soil, and maybe leave some leaves on top. If the leaves aren't rotted well, then let them rot more, and spread on top of the soil.

8 Feb, 2011


Your leaves should look like rich, black soil if they're ready to use - I wouldn't add half composted leaves to the trench - do as Tugbrethil says and spread them over the top when they're completely composted. You could always buy some soil conditioning compost from the garden centre to mix into the trench.

8 Feb, 2011


Well - at least we all agree! :-))

9 Feb, 2011

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