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I planted small yucca trees to the front garden 11 years ago and have been fantastically healthy until now and I have seen that all the yucca trees throughout Liverpool were we live have all lost there healthy top leaves leaving the trees bare, is there anything I can do to save the plants or will they now die obviously it was due to the severe snow and ice conditions during december



Are they yuccas or cordylines? Cordylines all over the country have been knocked out by the cold weather. If it's not weeping coloured gunge from soggy bits on the trunk all you can do is wait and hope that it regrows in the spring. If it is weeping, you'll need to cut off the trunk below the soggy rotten bit.

6 Feb, 2011


i believe there cordylines as my yuccas are fine . i think its like a double inpact from to cold winters and i dont think they overly like to be to wet either . ive noticed a lot of established ones that survived last winter arnt doing so well this year .

6 Feb, 2011

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