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Hi,can anyone identify this plant?


By Franner

West Yorkshire, United Kingdom Gb

Hi all,
I 'think' this plant is finally about to flower! It has a couple of really big stems that don't look like the normal new leaf stems on it. I'm ever hopeful anyway.
A lot of the older leaves still look a bit withered and like I'm still not doing something right with it but hopefully I'm getting there. It has grown massively since I took your advice and is certainly more healthy but just not quite there. Think I need to move it somewhere warmer now it's coming into winter but scared to until I see whether it does actually flower or not!





Looks a bit like a Peace Lily. It has wite spathes. Cant remember botanical name. Google it or look it up, i think it is...!

Or possible Bird of Paradise, Strelitzia?

6 Feb, 2011


I was thinking Bird of Paradise, Strelitzia.If it is a Strelitzia They are notoriously slow to begin producing flowers, typically taking 5 to 7 years to do so, though patience is worth it, for their incredible flowers. You can nudge them along to flowering by giving them as much sunlight as possible.The other main tip is to keep them pot-bound, as plants with lots of root space tend to make more foliage and are slower to flower.feed them with general garden fertiliser, and use tomato feed as they get to around 4 years old, as this encourages blooming (plus gives them all of the other nutrients required too). Like bananas, which are a relative to Strelitzias, they benefit from good feeding, and I do this every other week from spring to the start of September.Allow them to dry out a little between waterings, and always do this during winter, as they can sometimes get root rot, if their pots are too wet. In summer you don't need to worry so much about this, and if you keep their compost moist they will generally still be very happy.Keep them in a bright sunny spot indoors, or in a frost free greenhouse in winter, and remove dead foliage to prevent any rot etc. being transferred to other parts of your plant. They are quite an easy care plant, somewhat like the plant world's equivalent of a cat, just wanting some sunny spot to lounge in, and to get fed and watered regularly.

6 Feb, 2011


I've had a peace lilly before and the leaves were similar but a lot thiner then on this plant and the stem looks different. My photography skills probably need improving!

I think I'll move it into the kitchen as that gets all the sun in the house. The label that came with it said to keep it out of direct sunlight but it really isn't doing very well at all and as I said it just called it a House Plant, must've been lazy day in the garden centre!

I'll start to feed it with tomato feed too (I haven't fed it very regularly at all to be honest), as I've had it that long that it might be nearly ready to flower soon! Fingers crossed anyway!! It hasn't been repotted for quite a while now so hopefully it should be near enough to pot bound.

Many thanks, you've both been a great help.

6 Feb, 2011


Deffo Strelitzia! If it's S.nicolia then it's unlikely to flower ever though, although it's very rare to see these in garden centres.

7 Feb, 2011


Strelitzia it is - follow Steve's care instructions, does need sunlight, can be moved outside for summer months. It may be that the windowsill you keep it on is a very cold place to be some nights. Try to find a position where it gets some sunlight as well, but keep away from heat sources such as radiators.

7 Feb, 2011


Thanks a million, the windowsill that it's on actually has a radiator underneath it! It's also at the front of the house which does tend to be colder then the back as it gets no direct sun. Seems like I've done everything wrong with this one! No wonder it's crinkling up.

I'll move it, feed it and let you all know how it progresses.



7 Feb, 2011


Hi all,
a couple of years ago I posted this pic of a plant that had never flowered. It has now flowered the last 2 years, generally between november and jan. Its a lot bigger than it was now too!!
Anyone got any suggestions what to do with the flower when it dies? I cut it off at the bottom on the first year but the dead stalk remains, cut it at the top this year and the stalk is now dying from the top down.
I can also confirm it is definitely a bird of paradise and is amazing when it flowers!!

thanks all


4 Jun, 2014


Cut it off as far down the stem of the flower as you can, close to the base of the plant, without damaging the rest of plant.

5 Jun, 2014

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