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By Leila

Iran, Islamic Republic of Ir

who was your garden's architect?



To whom was this addressed? I think we all have a go at design. I design and build gardens for a living, but my own is somewhat neglected. Probably a common theme there. However, I'd let no one else touch it! Worthy

13 Dec, 2010


Well we designed our garden over 20 years and are still designing to this day... Not sure what you are actually asking!

13 Dec, 2010


Me, and like the others, I'm still working on it.

13 Dec, 2010


Hi Leila welcome to GOY. My garden is 100 years old this year. Each person who has lived in this house has added plants and trees to make it the beautiful garden it is today. Tell us about your garden. Iranian gardens are meant to be very beautiful. Do you have water running through it? Persian carpets I believe are designed round garden designs.

13 Dec, 2010


I was. If you mean designer and not landscape architect, that is...

14 Dec, 2010


i did all the design of my garden and actualy worked it out from drawing different ideas . its realy worth giving it a lot of thaught .

16 Dec, 2010

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