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I have a fruit tree, it looks like a pear tree. Its fruit is about the size of 2 thumps and as long as a finger.The color is a rustic brown.It is still hanging on the tree and there is a whole bunch of fruit on the tree every year.It is Dec 13 and i live in Va and i do not know what kind of fruit would hang on this long? It looks to be mixed between a paw paw and a pear tree. Does anybody know what it could be?



Why isn't it a pear tree then? Tasted the fruit? Cooked it and then tasted it? What are the flowers like? Pear tree flowers are white, with prominent dark anthers on the stamens, making the flower look smart and speckled inside. Worthy

13 Dec, 2010


is it a fig? they have fruit still on the tree and are sort of pear shaped. Can you post a photo of it and any leaves?
welcome to GoY too.

13 Dec, 2010


And a photo of the fruit, whole and cut, would help. Welcome Cashew :-)

13 Dec, 2010

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