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By Magreen

Kent, United Kingdom Gb

Are 5 Hornbeam suitable trees to plant in a small copse of about 25 mixed species?



Yes, I'd have thought so, especially if the others are native trees as well.

7 Dec, 2010


Thanks. The other species are Alder, Field Maple, Hazel and Wayfaring. They should look good in a few years time.

7 Dec, 2010


Yes, and be very good for wildlife, too! :-)) How about adding Rowan and /or Hawthorn for the berries?

7 Dec, 2010


oh yes these will be lovely in a mixed copse. you are lucky to be able to grow these. How big are your Wayfaring's? have they produced berries yet? They are more of a shrub arnt they? I'd love enough space to do this.

7 Dec, 2010


Just a note of caution. How much space have you got? Ultimately hornbeam is a medium to large tree, with an easy 15m spread. It may be that you'll have to sacrifice one or two of them after a few years to allow the others, and the accompanying species, to develop and mature properly. They will be by far the biggest of the species you have. What's the soil type? Worthy

7 Dec, 2010

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