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what conditions suit Lonicera calcarata, and who sells it?

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Hi Louise. This is still a pretty rare honeysuckle. When I saw somebody asking a question about it I was going to try to beg a cutting. Lol. Looks like you are also looking for it. I think it is a woodland high-climbing Lonicera which likes a fairly moist, rich soil in semi shade. More than that I'm afraid I can't help you. If you check the RHS and Kew Gardens they may have info but it is still an obscure plant.

7 Dec, 2010


If you click the link below your question it will take you to nurseries that sell the shrub.

7 Dec, 2010


If Roy Lancaster grows it where he lives, then it sounds as though it requires typical woodland conditions, i.e. cool root run, and probably slightly acidic soil, or at least a good leaf mould mulch. It's come to the fore recently. I wonder why, and who promoted it? Looks a lovely plant, so long as you're tall enough to see the flowers! Worthy

7 Dec, 2010


L. calcarata is seemingly not offered by any UK nurseries at the moment. This Chinese species was only introduced into cultivation (by the renowned Japanese Plant-hunter Ogisu) in the late 1990's and, according to the RHS plantfinder, hasn't been available for sale since 2005.

7 Dec, 2010

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