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By Blondy

Essex, United Kingdom Gb

I have a boggy area and need evergreen plants.The area faces east.



Hi Blondy and welcome to GoY. The statement that you have a 'boggy area and need evergreen plants' possibly needs expanding on. Is this area boggy all the time? How large is it? Why are you wanting evergreens?

4 Dec, 2010


Thank you Moon grower.The area is damp most of the year and could be under water after a lot of rain.I wanted evergreens so that there is some structure in the winter months.We have a Gunnera but it dies down and is covered over with one or two larger leaves.The area is approx. 10' x 8' Any suggestions greatly appreciated.

4 Dec, 2010


Copy and paste the link below into you web browser seems like there are lots for you to choose from

5 Dec, 2010


That is a huge variety of trees/shrubs. I was struggling to think of any though Cornus and Ilex should have come quickly to mind. Blondy, 10' x 8' is not all that large an area and the Gunnera is going to grow very big as the years go by. I would suggest that you consider the evergreen(s) to be a temporary resident and don't be too upset about taking it out when need be.

5 Dec, 2010

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