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I've got a square foot of turf taken from St. Helens Rugby pitch. I want to put it my lawn but my lawn is frozen. How can I preserve it until the sprng



don't know if this will work but how about putting compost in a seed tray and placing turf on top so that it can root then when ground is warmer plant it where you want it to be .

5 Dec, 2010


Welcome to Goy Woodward - can't think of a better suggestion than Helen's

5 Dec, 2010


id be inclined to think it would do best wear it belongs as long as its not frosty. grass is very resilliant bye nature .

5 Dec, 2010


It may be best kept in a pot as a 'feature' otherwise it will just merge in with the rest of the grass, eventually.

6 Dec, 2010


this is true volunteer .

7 Dec, 2010

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