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Is it necessary to empty self contained water features to protect the pump, which I cannot take out, during the winter to avoid frosts?
I have 2 features; one very small that is of a pottery type perhaps holds 2 litre of water and another that is larger and perhaps holds 15 litres of water and is probably fibre glass or smilar.
Advice please, because I have put a lot of effort into the latter and I would not like it to spoil.
Many thanks.



I can see many benefits from draining them both completely before the winter, Noakesey. When it freezes water expands and could damage both the container and the pump. You should try to dry them out and then cover them to stop rain getting in.

25 Oct, 2010


either that or leave them running as unless it gets realy cold as in siberia the moving water wont freeze but if its easier to clean them right out as bulbaholic sais and you have know fish then i would do that . its one of the biggest mistakes turning of pond filters,waterfalls in winter as they need them at least as much as they do in the summer.

25 Oct, 2010

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