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Where can I get hold of some seeds or mature plants to grow Alpine Pennycress please?



Could you please give the latin name, as I'm not sure which plant you're referring to. I'll try to look it up for you.

17 Oct, 2010


Thlaspi caerulescens. Seed is not normally sold, but the Scottish Rock Garden Soc. or The Alpine Garden Soc. seed lists often offer it. Not sure which Alpine nursery supplies it either.

17 Oct, 2010


It is a Thlaspi, Spritz, and a British native. I believe that it grows on mine spoil heaps in northern England.

17 Oct, 2010


Well - we live and learn! Thanks, both. I wouldn't imagine I'd find plants via the RHS, would I?

17 Oct, 2010


To order seed from the SRGC or the AGS you need to be a member.

17 Oct, 2010

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