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I planted an HT rose last December. The plant looks healthy and flowered at the start of the summer. In August it produced a couple more blooms but the buds looked misshapen and when they were fully opened they were small with few petals. The rose has now come into bud again, but the buds look misshapen again. Can anyone tell me what's causing this?
The rose is growing in the ground and does not have any powdery mildew on it. The leaves seem quite healthy and green.

Thanks for your replies. I have had a good look at the rose flower and I can't see a great deal of insect life or signs of the bloom being eaten. It does have a few aphids on the outer petals, but not enough to suggest an infestation. The rose is called Simply The Best.



Planted in the ground, or in a pot?

17 Oct, 2010


Can you see any white powdery substance on the buds? If so you probably have powdery mildew, a fungus disease. That can cause buds to be mishapen and small. Or, it could be some kind of insect drilling into the bud and damaging it. Have a good look and see if you can see anything.

17 Oct, 2010


Thank you both for replying. The rose is planted in the ground and doesn't have any powdery mildew. The leaves seem quite green and healthy.

18 Oct, 2010


Welcome Showeryday, if memory serves, you were a guest when you first asked a question.
If the plant is otherwise healthy, check the flowers - inspect any buds carefully, and examine any partially open or open flowers - can you see a hole anywhere in the buds? Any sign of heavy aphid infestation either on the buds, or just below, on the stem? Or can you see what looks like spotting on the exterior of the flower petals once opened, usually on the underside of the petals, and quite a lot of it?
I'd also ask the name of the rose?

18 Oct, 2010

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