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My garden is over run with earwigs. What can I do?



Trap them - a flowerpot filled with straw or screwed up newspaper upside down on the top of a cane makes a good hiding place for them, then in the morning, take the pot and shake them out outside your garden - or destroy them.

6 Oct, 2010


Send them to me, my chooks love 'em.

6 Oct, 2010


did you know that earwigs are one of the only insects that live in family units and openly rear and protect there young .

6 Oct, 2010


I removed a bird feeder from a fence the other day and found about 30 of them. What about woodlice they often live in groups?

7 Oct, 2010


they may well live in groups but i dont think they are protective parents as earwigs are but we still have a lot to learn about nature so you never know heron .

7 Oct, 2010

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