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I have a plant growing in my allotment that I did not plant there and am unsure as to what it is. It looks like it is a tree, the leaves are dark green and resemble a smooth thistle leaf, it has long thin white trumpet shaped flowers which turn into a chestnut like fruit that is full of small black, tomato like seeds.
Can anyone tell me what I am growing? Is it some sort of Lychee?



Probably Datura which is poisonous seems to be a lot around this year.

6 Oct, 2010


NOOOOOOO !!!!! - - - NOT A LYCHEE - - - - -I agree with MG, it's Datura for sure, deadly alkaloid in ALL PARTS of the plant.
So no crumbles with this one Guest :-O

6 Oct, 2010


Sounds like Datura stramonium, known as jimsonweed or thorn apple. As Bizzyb posted it is very poisonous but as long as you don't eat it there's nothing to worry about.

It's really quite a common weed but most newspapers don't seem to realise that so will write stories about it using words like 'killer' and 'alien' in the headline.

6 Oct, 2010

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