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could i grow cabbages in a 7.5litre pot.and what else



Hi John, depending on the width of your pot I cannot see why not. But cabbages are not small, so they need room to grow. I think it would be better to have one long planter and put them next to each other at least 25 cm apart. Just look on the instructions with the seedlings, it always tells you the planting distance and width. Good luck.

22 Aug, 2008


Hi,I have successfully grown dwarf beans,tomatoes (tall & hanging variety),salad leaves,lettuces(little gem),beetroot,carrots & even potatoes in compost bags!! As long as you use deep pots for plenty of root space or not overcrowd plants in 'not so deep pots' you can have plenty of variety.I have used the square recycle bins for carrots !!

31 Aug, 2008

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