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Plants to go under some very mature cherry trees against a 4 foot wall

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Assuming therefore that it's dry, and somewhat shady. Try Some of he hardy geraniums, epimedium, bergenia, ferns, and whereyou can get a depth of soil, skimmia, hydrangea, rhodos and azaleas. I'm assuming, too, you're aware tt these last two need soil which is neutral to acidic, so check soil first. Phil J

12 Sep, 2010


I would be very careful about planting anything near mature Cherry trees, they have a horrendous surface rooting system, and assuming you can get anything established underneath, which I doubt, once you disturb the roots from these trees they will begin to throw up suckers...I learnt this the hard way!

12 Sep, 2010


I noticed when they chopped back the cherries in the sheltered housing next door they suckered like mad. Stick a few cyclamen coum corms in and see if they take. They are only tiny and maybe the cherry won't notice. If they like it there they will seed themselves by little springy pots that probably put the seed away a little from the parent. They make good sized clumps after a while.

12 Sep, 2010


maybe make a feacture of your tree and put some nice pots around it with shade lovers like ferns underneath andrew .

12 Sep, 2010

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