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What, in the Panel's opinion,is the best time of year in which to hold a Vegetable Show? Paul Nicholls, Chair, Dinham Millennium Green Trust, 1 Dinham, Ludlow, Shropshire.



Don't mistake us for a panel, Paul, we are just Joe Public - like you.
We happen to be everyday people who come on here when we get the time.

As for your question ..... i've no experience of holding shows but Moon grower and Bulbaholic are involved with some shows so they'll have some ideas.

8 Sep, 2010


May I also suggest that you edit your question and remove your address, Paul? It's there for all the world to see! Not a good idea.

8 Sep, 2010


The best time of year to hols a vegetable show, Paul, is when there are a good supply of vegetables in the gardens in your area. Here, they tend to start in mid-August and go throught to mid-september, Forres being this Saturday.
Welcome to Goy.

8 Sep, 2010


We hold our village show in very early Sept. That seems to catch most things, and late varieties of some things complement early varieties of others, so everyone gets a look in Phil J

8 Sep, 2010


Well that's blown our mystique Louise!

8 Sep, 2010


LOL !!!

9 Sep, 2010

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