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By Rhysw

wellington, New Zealand Nz

Is this a type of broom ?

An unusual looking tree/shrub.

20180114_191946 20180113_144840 20180113_144848



If those are the fruiting bodies not Broom, its fruits resembled pea pods and peas.

13 Jan, 2018


Those stems certainly look like one of the Brooms, (Cytisus or Genista varieties) but the pods are nothing like the seed pods on either, which are usually much flatter , elongated and turn brown very rapidly. Not sure what it is - more photos showing the whole plant (for growth habit) might help, and did you notice any flowers at any point, what colour were they, and shape if you can remember?

13 Jan, 2018


It reminds me of a saltmarsh plant but I can't what.

13 Jan, 2018


I think it is Carmichaelia possibly C. kirkii. Images of its pods are very similar. Carmichaelia are a genus native NZ plant. also known as a NZ brooms.

you may have to have a good look to check the actual species. what is its habit? is it a climber? C kirkii is a climber/scrambler. if it is, its quite rare.

13 Jan, 2018


Thanks everyone, that carmichaelia identification looks right. All the pods have a sharp spine at the base which seems to be consistent.

14 Jan, 2018

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