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Jersey Unknown

Please can you tell me what this fungus is growing on my lawn and how to get rid of it? The lawn is very very mossy Thank you Maria

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It's commonly known as dog lichen, and it affects poorly drained, compacted lawns. It's actually a cyanobacteria, and where this is, you usually find other lichens, liverworts and mosses. You can use chemical treatments, but it will always return unless you address the underlying cause. Its basically a symptom or sign that your lawn is seriously in need of some care and attention, so things like aerating it (spiking with a fork all over, application of some sharp sand, feeding during summer and so on) - details in the link below

12 Jan, 2018


yes I fully agree with Bamboo. we had a small area of it and OH tackled it with the fork and some sand to brush into the holes made by the fork. If I remember he did use the rhs website to sort it.

13 Jan, 2018

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