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can anybody tell me the name of roses which climb the walls and fenses?



Hi, Ehsanraya, One answer to your question, could be some type of rambling rose. U could try your local garden centres, and, or, GoYpedia. This might help, if not , I am sure that some of members, will give u an answer. PS, when are we going to have a profile of yourself. Everyone is different??

27 Jul, 2010


hello ehsanraya
commen names at least roses have loads of names for every bloom . etc your just after a type of rose as apposed to common name .like carjam sais just go to wear you want a rose like a garden centre . theres a specialist rose garden centre near me as it goes . i bet if you asked bamboo or moon grower im sure they will be able to help you out .

27 Jul, 2010


You just need to look for climbing or rambling roses - ramblers only flower once a year, all in one big flush, and need pruning in September, and can make quite a thorny thicket - climbers are usually repeat flowering, have long stems with flowers on the top part, and need pruning in Spring. Both need tying in to supports on the wall or fence.

28 Jul, 2010


i got an iceburg rose this year for climbing its beautifull (white )

28 Jul, 2010

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