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By Rob76

London, United Kingdom Gb

Our lovely Clematis Montana had almost no flowers this year!

Something had been eating the buds, so that there were just little sprays of stems where the flowers should have been.

Does anyone have any idea what the culprit could be? I really hope it wasn't the bluetits nesting nearby, which I noticed were spending a lot of time on the plant...

On plant Clematis montana



No, definitely not the Bluetits.

This last cold winter is a possible candidate as Clematis montana can get damaged in very cold winters. It will try and make up the damage in the growing season with growth at the expense of flowers. It should be fine hopefully next year.

27 Jul, 2010


Thanks Fractal. Much appreciated. I shall stop worrying, in that case!

28 Jul, 2010


Sorry to hear your Montana was a dissapointment to you this year mine was the best its been yet. Mine was absolutely loaded with flowers. I will see if I have posted any pics ,if not I will look for one to post. Yours should be OK next year , these are quite tough plants.

1 Aug, 2010

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