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Clwyd, United Kingdom Gb

Every year, when I boil newly grown new potatoes they collapse in the water and split when boiling, and my friend gave me some that she had grown, and they were the same in the pan! What causes new potatoes to do this?



It is due to the variety of the potato, Guest. The ones that you are describeing are 'flourey' and need watching carefully whilst you are boiling them I think that you would prefer to eat a 'waxey' variety which are much firmer. The packaging on the seed potato will usually tell you how it will cook.

17 Jul, 2010


or try steaming them instead.

17 Jul, 2010


Or tip off most of the water before they are completely cooked, place a clean tea towel on top of the potatoes, replace the lid on the saucepan and leave, off the heat, for a few more minutes til done. Drain off remaining water & serve.

17 Jul, 2010

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