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We have a very large number of lilies in the garden, mostly species. They do very well and apart from the occasional lily beetle and slug damage nothing much goes wrong. However something has chewed off three stems now of Lilium tigrinum aureum (Yellow Tiger lily). The damage is below ground level, no slime trails, no mice holes and no rabbits or squirrels in the garden.
This is what the damage looks like. I have never seen anything like it before.
Any ideas?

On plant Lilium

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If you have ruled everything else out, how about cockchaffer larvae. They are about two and a half inches long, creamy coloured and voracious eaters. They take years to mature under the soil and it could be them.

16 Jul, 2010


Bitten or rotted, Owdboggy?

16 Jul, 2010


Definitely chewed, still got a tiny bit of root attached too.
Will have a furtle round in the soil for cockchafer larva, ta.

16 Jul, 2010

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