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Lemon tree not growing lemons!!

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I have a lemon tree that I understand my mother grew from a pip back in the 1960's. It is kept in an open porch with a roof overhead all year round. It is 8ft tall extremely healthy with much new growth coming through at the moment. The problem is it has never flowered nor obviously borne fruit. Any ideas where I'm going wrong. I've started giving it citrus food which you should apparently do both in the winter and the summer. Am I missing a trick ?



Wondering if it is self fertile, apples need a pollinator, not sure about lemon varieties. I bought one from a nursery and it produced flowers and fruit in the first year, even though something found the leaves

21 Jul, 2008


Well, I think the bees and birds can pollinate that tree from itself, as I have had only one lemon tree in one of my previous gardens and absolutely no other citrus in the neighbourhood. I had plenty of large lemons every year on it. Variety: Eureka. If it has never had any fruit, it will not do so either. I think it is because it is a seedling and they all behave differently. Mostly growing a fruit tree from a seed will not produce fruit, as they need grafting. So does the lemon tree. So...perhaps get some grafting wood from a lemon orchard. you can graft on about 5 thick branches, but look it up on googles, it takes some practise to do the right job, but would be worth your while. Pitty it doesn't flower because they are so fragrant. I dare say I have about 3 lemon trees in my garden now, a lime, a grapefruit and a mandarine. All bear fruit, so they must be self pollinating, but need help from nature.

22 Jul, 2008

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