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I bought a large arum lily plant and planted it in a large square planter in sun but I have kept it well watered. 4 weeks later it has flowered and the leaves have started to turn yellow, once trimmed off the plant is reduced in size and the leaves are still yellowing at the edges. I thought they liked ti be in wet conditions however I am not sure whether its the compost its in , or does it need feeding or is it to wet? I am really stuck , any advise welcome. Lyn

On plant Zantedeschia aethiopica



I believe they like to be kept on the dry side, mine certainley do, I have them in a very dry corner in the hot sun and they are beautiful. I never water them, I let the rain do that (what little we have had).

14 Jun, 2010


They do like damp conditions normally, some of them even growing in water. If the yellowing parts are soggy looking, that could be overwatering, but I wouldn't have thought that would be the cause, if the plant you have is actually Zantedeschia aethiopica. A photograph might be helpful.

14 Jun, 2010


i agree with Bamboo - my Zantedeschia aethiopica is growing on my stream bank. Next door's plant has its roots in the stream, and they're both thriving.

14 Jun, 2010


Funny how they adapt to your own situation, mine love it baked dry, but in someone elses garden different story.

14 Jun, 2010


Yes - I thought that was strange, too! Anyway, if they're happy....:-))))

14 Jun, 2010

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