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Please tell me what a grafting mark is on tree paeonias. Is says on the planting instructions 'plant the crown with the graftin mark precisely 1inch below the soil surface. Does this make any more sense to you



Not sure what that means, your question, really. You can usually see a graft on plants which are grafted - it'll be a lumpier area at the base of the topgrowth on the top of the stem if its a standard, or a lumpier area at the base of a plant.

30 May, 2010


I would not have thought that tree peonies were grafted, are they? They put up several stems from the root and I would have thought that any graft would, very quickly, revert to the original root stock.

30 May, 2010



30 May, 2010


I had the same instruction on mine...and was equally baffled! However, I planted it as instructed...graft under soil surface and it is now in leaf and growing well..I am hoping it wil flower this year.... as the guarantee says!LOL

30 May, 2010


I have an old label off my Tree Peony which says the same. I do check every now and again that the union is below soil level as chucking water at it can uncover it. It definately does better with the union covered.

31 May, 2010

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