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We have six peonies that have been in the same position for over 10 years, we'd like to move them, could you please let us know the best way to do this? At the moment they are all at the tight bud stage, but weather permitting should flower within the next week or so. None of them are the deep red variety, being doubles, in pink and white.
MN & CM Coy



Paeonies hate root disturbance and moving them now probably means you'll lose the flowers ,but if you want to do it anyway, try to take the roots intact with a large rootball and surrounding soil - if you manage that, they might not realise they've been moved, but if they've been there for 10 years, its not that likely you'll be able to achieve that.

30 May, 2010


I moved one last year and this year it has just fact, it's nearly finished Sutton Coldfield..not that far from you! It had six flowers..very large ones. Maybe next year it will have more...but it didn't seem to mind the move TOO much!

30 May, 2010


Sssh, dont tell anyone, Izzy, but I've moved them around countless times with no trouble...

30 May, 2010


I would still prefer to wait until the end of summer when they are dying down. Good job plants can't read!

30 May, 2010


My Uncle moved house 6 times in 7 years because of his job and took a collection of Paeonies with him and the flowered every year.
Agree with Bulb about how to move them if you must. Do not plant too deeply and keep them well water before and after the move.

30 May, 2010


LOL at Bamboo! My father always used to say that they hated to be moved but I HAD to move that one last year....needs must sometimes! I actually think it was better this year...the blooms were enormous!

30 May, 2010

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