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I have a small slope (3') in the front of my house. It slopes down to a sidewalk. Presently, there is a chainlink fence that I would like to remove and then landscape. I do not want grass in the front of this lot. I just purcahsed this house and I am looking for ideas. The house is in Shreveport, LA and faces South. Any and all input will be most helpful. Thanks. (I can't seem to find a picture to depict the slope)



I hesitate to make suggestions not knowing the soil type or even the climate details for Louisiana (hot and humid in summer, mild in winter, or am I completely wrong?), but would a chamomile lawn succeed here? How steep is the slope? If it's gently sloping then you could grow many ground cover plants in this position. A steep slope would present more difficulties as it would drain very rapidly. Are you looking for ground cover low maintenance ideas or just plant suggestions?

29 May, 2010


Welcome, Stamburo! Is the slope 3' vertical distance, or horizontal? Since you don't want a lawn, are you looking for a cottage garden style--assorted flowers with a few vines, shrubs and/or trees? Or something more like a Mediterranean or tropical style--mostly shrubs and trees? There's a huge list of plants that can grow in your area, and which ones you pick will mostly depend on the effect you want to show.

29 May, 2010


Thank you to both of you. The slope is gentle and I am looking for low maintenance. I think the cottage style with vines, shrubs, and flowers sounds terrific. Tugbrethil were can I find the list of plants that you mentioned. Bertifox I took a look at your gardens in France, oh my!!! Thanks again for your help.

29 May, 2010


Well, I was looking for a quick internet list, but I kept coming up empty. I would go to the local library, and get a copy of the Southern Living Garden Book, and look at all the plants suitable for your area--the "Lower South" according to their system, I believe, but you might want to check for yourself: my copy got misplaced. Publications from your local cooperative extension might be helpful, too. Once I find my SLGB, I'll also PM you with my list of candidates.

29 May, 2010

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