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I have just been given 3 growing Colchicum Autumnale can I grow them in a container or is it best in the garden what sort of site ie sunny, shade, wet,dry etc thank you Joan Woodhall

On plant Colchicum autumnale



the only thing is as the leaves die down in the summer your pot would just be bare soil until the flowers come out in the autumn ( thats why they are called naked ladies), mine are under my magnolia tree so have sun early in the year and shade from the magnolia leaves in the summer

28 May, 2010


C. autumnnale flowers in autumn then produces it leaves in spring. These will now be dying back for summer and the bulb will become dormant. I would leave them in their pots until they have gone dormant and then plant the bulbs out. You can grow then in a container but remember that the leaves are quite large and will tend to smother outher plants. We have ours in odd corners of the garden where the large spring leaves are not a problem but we can enjoy the flowers in autumn.

28 May, 2010

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