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Getting rid of clover


By Roger

Oxfordshire, United Kingdom Gb

My lawn seems to have been taken over by clover can someone advise on the best possible remedy i can buy .



No idea, really. But we had clover which came up in the lawn in spring and because of our dry hot conditions, it would die again in summer. I think just mowing is the best solution. They are not spreading are they? I mean nothing like cape weed or dandelions? I always think spraying weeds in the grass makes it look so ugly, those yellow brownish spots. I personally would never worry about clover in the grass as it is not taller than the lawn. I would suggest if you must get rid of it, ask your local nursery. They should be helpful. Good luck.

10 Jul, 2008


Depends on the clover – the white kind thrives in drought and dry lawns – so keep well watered as it will return if not kept well watered – use VIRDO to kill all kinds of clover – but the yellow kind (creeping clover) use VIRDO when dead replant with lawn seed and water – feed with plenty of nitrogen to give that lush green look – but don’t over feed as it can burn and water well in

10 Jul, 2008

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