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Is it toxic to cats?


By Biker44

Gwent, United Kingdom Gb

I have had 1 of these plants for 6 years and it is now over 8ft and very healthy but I am worried that it may be toxic to cats. Some sites say that they are and I have found one that says it is not! Does anyone know for sure as I have lost 3 cats in the last 2 years to poisoning.

On plant Schefflera



Not sure how toxic or not this plant is, but I'm curious as to why you're worried about it - unless your cat is wandering around snacking on your houseplants, whether they're poisonous or not isn't really relevant. Over 50% of the plants we grow, inside and out, are toxic if eaten - but fine as long as they're not consumed. If your cat is eating your plants, firm discouragement is in order, and if the cat has no access to the outdoors, then buy cat grass for her/him to eat, grass being something they need occasionally as an emetic to clear fur balls.

20 May, 2010


The plant contains calcium oxylate crystals if eaten can cause irritation and swelling oft the throat. it is advisable to keep the plant out of cats reach if possible

20 May, 2010

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