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How to get rid of grapes hyacinths



dig them up if needs be put them into pots and grow them that way or sell them

17 May, 2010


The bulbs at least are fairly shallow so they are easy to dig out. They were selling 5 in a pot for £3.99 at Ashwoods Garden Centre a month back. In that case I must have thrown away £399 worth of them last week alone!

17 May, 2010


Grape hyacinths just will not grow for me. Yet I have other plants that pop up everywhere. Funny how differently plants behave from garden to garden. Some bulbs burrow down deep over time.

17 May, 2010


They are a total menace in one part of my garden - even though i dug the patch over several times, and removed as many bulbs as I could, including little tiny ones, they still came up this spring - like llttle single green spikes. I had to pull SO many out - and I'll do the same next spring until they give up.

17 May, 2010


Same here Spritzhenry. I have to dig them out every spring only for them to pop up again the following year. They have become my least liked flower so not going to give up. I WILL win eventually.

17 May, 2010


I'm with you Rohima - never have liked them and now they seem to know it - as fast as I uproot in one part of the garden they appear elsewhere ! : o ( ( ( (

17 May, 2010


I agree - I wil NOT give up - I like this particular small flowerbed and the plants in it, and I don't want grape hyacinths covering it, but they would in no time if I left them!

18 May, 2010

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