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Ericaceous soil in rockery

Worcestershire, United Kingdom Gb

Is it OK to create a pocket full of ericaceous soil in a rockery (for an acid loving plant) even though the rest of the rockery has neutral soil? Is there a danger that some of the ericaceous soil will "contaminate" the neutral soil?



Ericaceous compost will not contaminate your neutral soil. Indeed, if your soil is not limey then I would suggest that you do not need to use the ericaceous compost at all as the plants will be quite happy in the soil as it is.

10 May, 2010


Thanks Bulbaholic. It's a Pieris "Forest Flame" that I want to plant. I know it will do OK in neutral soil, but as far as I understand, ericaceous soil would be ideal.

10 May, 2010


Just give it some humus and it will be happy, Db, and the humus can be in the form of ericaceous compost if you wish.

10 May, 2010

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