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By Kavin

Cornwall, United Kingdom Gb

how do you plant the buxus in a rowe to grow a hedge

On plant Buxus sempervirens



Read your other question on this subject too - you've got the planting distance about right at 12", but it would have been better to remove all grass, making a sort of border all along, digging that and then planting. If you've only recently planted, I'd redo it, preparing the area properly, keeping the plants in a container to protect their roots, with a bit of compost or soil chucked over the rootball (assuming it won't take long for you to remove the grass and dig over). White leaves often mean temperature shock - if the plants are new and were under cover when you bought them, they need to be hardened off by leaving outside during the day for extending periods over a week to ten days till they're outside overnight and have acclimatised.
Once planted, reduce the height on each of them by a third to make them thicken up a bit at the base to form a good hedge.

8 May, 2010

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