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how often should i water my new yucca plant? and should i mist it?

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This plant is actually Dracaena fragrans massangeana, grown Ti tree style. Needs average warmth (min. 55 deg.F in winter) light shade (this one tolerates more shade than most, but don't give it a dark spot), keep compost moist at all times, though watering should be reduced in winter, but the compost not allowed to dry out completely. Misting the leaves regularly is a good idea, repot in spring every 2 years. Feed when its actively growing with something like Baby bio houseplant food, following the dilution and regularity instructions on the bottle. Direct sunlight is not appreciated by this plant!

3 May, 2010


cheers. misting leaves regularly means twice a week???

3 May, 2010


Yep, whatever you can manage. I rarely remember to do mine, lol!

3 May, 2010

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