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I planted a Conference pear tree in my lawn three years ago and as yet have seen no blossom. Is this to be expected, or what am I doing wrong?



not sure how old it was when you got it.mine flowered the same year and even better the was two yrs old when bought.

2 May, 2010


Plantmaiden, i love your avatar -, is it your own little dog ? He's adorable !
Sorry to butt into your conversation :-/

2 May, 2010


thanks louise ya,hes a she who's now 4 and i have another one whos 1 and abit,they both looked like the picture when i got them,still adorable bit bigger.

2 May, 2010


Awww, post some pictures of them so we can all meet them :-))

2 May, 2010


Could be wrongly named. My hubby once planted a fir tree with its root sack on. That is extreme!! Nice big hole ,tease out roots, in full light, fed ,good support. Conference likes company, as is a part self pollinator, (Hessayon) Is it windy where tree is placed? Or just bad luck to buy a duff tree. One of our apples is reluctant to blossom, Charlotte is her name...she won't be there much longer if she has no blossom next year.

2 May, 2010


are you pruning it incorrectly?
it could be in the wrong site. frost would cause bud drop as would too dry a site.
what are the soil conditions like?
sorry lots of questions. if you join us we can have a proper q&a session and hopefully sort our problem out.

2 May, 2010

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