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Id have just purchased a 50 mtr roll of daffoldebris netting from scaffold direct,one question of two as follows, If I place some of this net over my early potatoes would that be a good cover for a late May frost ?,also is there any evidence of this type of netting forcing savoys etc to boult and go to seed



I have never heard of daffoldebris netting, Guest, but no netting would be a protection against frost. You need to get out with the hoe and earth them up, as we did today.

2 May, 2010


You should not need to protect your potatoes if you are ridging them up regularly Guest. No netting that I am aware of is going to cause your brassicas to bolt. Wish you had joined GoY would love to know what daffoldrebris netting actually is a google search cam e up with nothing!

2 May, 2010


Strongforge Debris Netting is a Heavy Duty (80gsm) tough resilient Netting for Scaffolding & Construction applications? If it is I cannot see the use in a garden when growing plants as it would stop light and its weight break plants?

2 May, 2010



2 May, 2010

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