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I have inherited my garden recently and see that the lavatera (mallow) looks dead but there are shoots coming up from the ground. Does this mean it should have been pruned completely down to ground level? If so should I do this now? Looks so messy at the moment



These will take hard pruning, so you could cut back to healthy pairs of buds - and yes, now!

14 Apr, 2010


Thank you Spritzhenry. I do not see any buds but just new shoots from soil level. I guess it might be dead. What do you think? Wish I lived in your area to see your garden which looks very attractive.


15 Apr, 2010


Thanks, Sandra - and if that Lavatera of yours is only showing shoots from the base, then try cutting the stems right back! Nothing ventured, nothing gained. If they are shoots from the Lavatera, it's not dead, is it? Good luck!

15 Apr, 2010


I hope the shoots are coming from the Lavatera. It could turn out to be a surprise. It is or was such a huge bush so I am off to do the deed. Many thanks Spritzhenry

16 Apr, 2010


Good luck - let us know how it goes!

16 Apr, 2010


Its alive! while I was clipping away I noticed some green on the layer next to the bark so have given it a hard clipping back and destroyed the obvious dead branches. The shoots from the ground have turned out to be horse chestnut. I am looking forward to planting out the veg garden. Its a good day here today but maybe its too early as we have had some morning frosts. Have you planted your garden yet?

22 Apr, 2010


Yes, the framework stays all year round, and I'm really only filling gaps now. I don't grow veggies.

I'm really pleased to hear about your Lavatera being alive! :-))

22 Apr, 2010

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