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which rose for semi shaded garden



The best are probably the Damask roses. They include some good garden plants such as 'Roserie de L'hay' and the horrible sounding but excellent 'Scabrosa' that repeats just about better than any.

Another group of roses that do reasonably well in semi shade are the so-called Alba roses which generally have slightly glaucous foliage though sadly have a short flowering season. Their colour range is fairly limited with mostly white or pink and include types such as 'Queen of Denmark'. They are apparently derived in the distant past from hybrids of the Damask rose (Rosa rugosa) and the Dog rose (Rosa canina).

Two Bourbon roses worth considering too (and repeat well) are 'Zepherine Drouhin' which has cerise-pink flowers with great scent. It is familiar as a climber but makes a great free standing shrub rose too. It is a little prone to mildew though. Another is it's light pink sport called 'Kathleen Harrop' which is identical in every way except the flower colour. Both are completely thornless too.

11 Apr, 2010


thankyou for your response - am an amature when it comes to gardening and figured I should really make the effort again as I have a quite a nice little space that I have only just taken an interest in after 10 years! Reason being,the leylandii from opposite neighbours garden almost totally block my light, so I gave up.
Someone suggested a rose - hence my question! (quite fancy the Scabrosa you suggested)
Any other suggestions for plants in these sort of conditions?

Thanks again

13 Apr, 2010


z.drouhan is working well in my friends yard at the beach in san francisco in total shade. Moist, salty and foggy most of the year. It is 2 yrs old and growing like crazy! Try her! Ciavan

12 Jan, 2013

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