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I have a pyracantha hedge of mixed colour berries, all of the red berries rotted (The berries went a darker colour but not black spotted) on the plant(The berries went a darker colour but not black spotted) and now the plants with the rotted berries have died, any idea what has caused this and will it affect the other plants in the hedge?

On plant Pyracantha



Berries rotting isn't necessarily particularly significant - what is though, is whether the shrub lost its leaves, with a crispy brown look to them, with some stem die back - almost looking as if they'd been burnt. If it did, this is Fireblight and there is no solution to it, and you may well lose all the other ones as well. However, you haven't said anything that leads me to believe it might be that, but without any other leaf or stem symptoms, it's hard to say what might have caused it to die.

7 Apr, 2010


Thanks for your answer. I looked at fireblight but all the pictures had black spots on the berries.
The stems all look ok but the leaves are all dead brown and curled up. I will try to put a picture on later, If it is fireblight should I dig them up to try to save the other plants or won't this make any difference. Strange how it was only the plants with red berries. It also seems that some of the plants have some fresh groth below where the dead berries are hanging. Does this mean there might be some hope?

7 Apr, 2010


Maybe - but as I replied to your other question with the photograph, only time will tell, really.

7 Apr, 2010

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