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Is it possible to divide Black Cane Bamboo (can't remember the name) and if so how and when is best to do it?



Yes, it is though the tough woody rhizomes under the soil are incredibly hard to divide. A really good saw or loppers is usually needed. Luckily, these rhizomes don't go very deep just occupying the top 18ins of soil. You could try chopping off parts at the edge which is less work than lifting the whole plant.

ps the plant is almost certainly the species Phyllostachys nigra.

27 Mar, 2010


mabe even an ax as fractal sais its very tough.dont be shy all you need is some root with some healthy can cut these of as theres bound to be some new shoots and it will give the plant more energy to put into rooting.its about the right time now.just water well.i mite be inclined to take 2 of while your at it if its a largish parent plant.if its a type that sends new shoots out on there own rather than clump forming you could weight for one of them and put the end in a pot.

28 Mar, 2010


Thank you both for your help it is greatly appreciated and i am so sorry for not replying sooner .

22 Apr, 2011


your more than welcome x .

23 Apr, 2011

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