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My rhododendron looked great all winter. It is now spring, and the weather has been warming up. With this I have noticed that the rhododendron's leaves are turning brown and crisp. We have had plenty of rain so it can't be a lack of water....????



How cold did it get with you Ahartman and how exposed is the rhodo?

28 Mar, 2010


It was quite cold over the winter but at that time the leaves were all green, it wasn't until we stated warming up into the 60's that I noticed that the leaves were turning brown. Delayed effect? The plant is very exposed.

28 Mar, 2010


Did you have a lot of frost that stayed in the ground to a depth of a few inches for a month or more. If so the rhodo. will not have ben able to get any water. Check whether it is still alive by carefully scraping a very small amount of bark away with a finger nail if it is green well and good if not I'd still leave for a month or so.

Sudden thought what type of soil are you growing it in?

28 Mar, 2010

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