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I have a well established blue hibiscus. This year is is just starting to show signs of buddin up and is covered with tiuny brown specs which look like mites, and slightly larger brown mite houses. Any ideas what these are and how I can get rid of them please

Further research tells me these are scale mites and I wondered if anyone has any foolproof methods to get rid of the little blighters.

Iv been over the whole bush with a tooth brush and knocked them all off or crushed them and they do seem to slowly reappear. Theres no leaves on the bush yet, theyr just starting to develop now, Worcestershire being quite slow compared to some areas.

Look forward to your replies.




If these "mites" are on the new leaf buds and new stems, they're most likely aphids - spray with a suitable pesticide. Otherwise, more info is required, or a photo if possible

25 Mar, 2010


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If you have a Wilkinson DIY store anywhere near you they currently have offers on to celebrate 75 years trading i.e Bayers Insecticide & Fungicide 74 pence, that should clear up your little problem

9 Apr, 2010


thanks very much for your answers so far :)

10 Apr, 2010

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