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Berkshire, United Kingdom Gb

Inherite a passion climber when moved to new house and it was beautifull last year with loads of flowers. However after the frosty and snowy winter it looks like ...well - dead - brown, dry and not at all alive. Don't know what to do with it. Any advise will be very good.

On plant Passiflora caerulea



Wait until about May before you give up on it. Unfortunately, you may have lost it in the very cold weather we had. It may revive and produce new growth from the base, and then you can cut the dead part back, but not yet.

Good luck!

11 Mar, 2010


My Passionflower dies back like that every year and then comes back to life round about late May, producing new shoots from what looked like lifeless branches/stems.

11 Mar, 2010

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