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By Jackron

Kent, United Kingdom Gb

When can I move a rose bush can I move it now in March



yes you can replant roses now,give it a good fertilizer such as blood fish and bone, water in well,and all should be fine

7 Mar, 2010


Exact same answer as Stroll, Jackron - we've just planted 30 new roses this weekend into a bed & have put a further 12 climbers into a holding bed to plant in the next fortnight (need to build frame for them 1st). As long as they are in for end of March (ideally), with some good mature / fertiliser & yes, bone meal is very good in helping root growth establish, they will be fine. We've had some really hard frosts recently, so for the next week or so until they climatise I put a thin layer of fleece over to protect the young shoots a bit as they had came from a supermarket & had been kept indoors.

7 Mar, 2010


Dear Stroll and The Cotage thank you very much for your advice and I will act on your advice -
Kind regards

8 Mar, 2010

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