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i know this is a really basic question but can anyone give me the differences between hardy annuals,biennials,perrenials,etc etc..its a long time since my rural science classes at school and i get confused..i'm doing a garden at the mo and i want plants that will retuen every year or stay evergreen and have a bit of interest all yr round..any ideas on the best plants for the job wud be greatly appreciated :) thanks topper..



No problem Topper.
Annuals are plants that flower and die in the same year that you sow the seed.
Half-hardy annuals are the likes of bedding plants that you have to start in the warmth and don't put outside until the frosts have finished.
Hardt annuals are sown directly into the soil and stand the cold weather.
Biennials are plants that you sow one year and they flower and die the next year.
Perenials live for ever (wishfull thinking). Not quite - after sowing they take several years to come to flowering size but will then flower year on year until they eventually die as nothing lives forever.

7 Mar, 2010


And don't forget or ignore shrubs and sub shrubs, Topper! Shrubs have a woody framework which remains and may be evergreen or deciduous - sub-shrubs either as well, but are sort of halfway between a proper shrub and perennial.

7 Mar, 2010


Also don't forget bulbs especially Spring bulbs which come again year after year.I like Snowdrops,Daffodils and Grape Hyacynth. I'm trying to plant as many perenials as possible and my most successful ones so far have been Lupins and Shasta Daisy and one of the perenial it Bigroot Cranesbill!!? Also have a few Clematis all flowering at different times . And best of all these seem to thrive on neglect..(apart from a spot of pruning for the Clematis). Pyracantha is also a favourite of mine, a shrub that has white flowers on it and then later in the year gets a lovely display of red berries ( also comes in orange and yellow berries.) Good luck with your garden. Enjoy

7 Mar, 2010


Other bulbs to consider are crocus, lilies, fritillaries, tulips, irises, cyclamen... the list is endless. Then there are hellebores, perennial poppies of various sorts, hollyhocks... I could go on and on :-)

7 Mar, 2010

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