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could you give me advise on how to design a small garden that tapers out to just a few feet at the bottom of the garden



I think I'd put a trellis across the end and hide your compost bin behind it, and grow an evergreen climber on it - such as one of the Clematis cirrhosas.

Then, depending on the length and width of the garden, put in curved beds with shrubs (some should be evergreen for winter interest) and a winding path through the beds. A lawn always sets off the plants, but if it's a small garden, go for gravel or paving with containers, so that you can change the planting for each season. Curved paths and beds always make a garden look wider and more interesting - a surprise round the bend, so to speak! Focal points are good, too - a nice pot, a sundial. an architectural plant etc.

If you've got fences, put up trellis or wires and clothe them with more climbers - roses and clematis go well together.

5 Mar, 2010

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