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When is the best time to plant Roses.



If they're container grown - any time. Bare rooted ones need planting in late autumn.

5 Mar, 2010


Hi Spritz, you may be right about autumn although we've always planted out at beginning of Feb. Nurseries dispatch bare root roses between Nov & March. We just bought & planted up 30+ roses from Aldi @ £1.49 each - absolutely cracking plants & 100 times better than the £7 ones we just bought through a well established rose company catalogue. Roots from nursery delivery were bare & Aldi's had a tiny bit of compost in the root bag which was still damp. We did buy them only a couple of days after they came into the shop mind you so they were very fresh. Hope this helps STB - some well rotted mature / fertiliser & bone meal give a good start.

7 Mar, 2010


I should have said - 'in late autumn onwards'! I was thinking of the firms that start delivery of bare-rooted roses as from them. Sorry if I confused you, Stb.

That was a bargain, The cottage! :-))

7 Mar, 2010


Certainly was Spritz - will probably take them a year to get bedded in & start producing good blooms. Most were HBT's & had between 3 & 5 stems. At the price won't break the bank if we ever need to replace failures. Hopefully will get some pics of them to share with GoY in the summer. :o)

7 Mar, 2010


Even if you do get a few failures, you won't be upset at that price, will you?

7 Mar, 2010

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