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My gardener has just chopped off all the branches from my tree fern. It has been growing now for over 5 years and was 5ft tall with big beautiful branches. Obviuosly a mistake but i am totally gutted. Can anyone tell me if they will grow back or not?
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What a shame, obviously the practice of bad husbandry. I would leave it alone and see what happens between now and June, if there is no sign of recovery by then you will have to start again.

5 Mar, 2010


Tree ferns grow from the central stem and the outside 'branches' often get frosted and die back.
I can't see that what your gardener has done is wrong, as the tree fern should put up some fresh and vigorous new growth from the central growing point in spring or early summer.
The main problem must be keeping the heart of the tree fern protected from the extremes of winter. If that is affected then your tree fern wouldn't come back.
Have a look at this site:

5 Mar, 2010


I agree, nothing wrong with the removal of old fronds. The croziers will emerge in due course and expand to form new fronds (not technically branches).

5 Mar, 2010

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