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My son has given me a beautiful mimosa plant(Tree?). There were no instructions on care or watering with it, but he was told it could be left outside during the winter & frost wouldn't hurt it. I find this hard to believe as it looks delicate. I need to know how much to water it, best conditions, & when & how to remove dead floweres/leaves & anything else you think it might be useful to know. Thank you so much in anticipation. Lynn



Whoever told him that is wrong, I'm afraid. Unless you live in the mildest area of the UK and have a sheltered warm area - against a wall? Your Mimosa WILL be affected by frost. We've had so many questions about these trees and what can be done to save them, after the cold winter.

It will want watering well in the growing season, and a feed with a general liquid food monthly, assuming you'll have it in a pot. They don't like hard pruning.

Hope this helps.

5 Mar, 2010

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